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Turkish Tile: Ceramic Workshop In Istanbul

Tour Code: 306 Duration: 2 hour between 10:00 - 18:00
Minimum Participation: 1 Guidance: No
Departs: Except Saturday & Sunday
Includes: Workshop & materials for Tile painting

The art of Turkish tiles and ceramics have an important place in the history of Islamic art. Its roots can be traced at least as far back as the 8th and 9th centuries. After the Seljuks’ victory over the Byzantines at Malazgirt in 1071, the art followed them into Anatolia and embarked upon a new period of strong development fostered by the Anatolian Seljuk sultanate.

There is a widely held but quite erroneous belief that figurative painting, is not found in Islamic art due to prohibition by the Koran. Figural art is especially rich in tiles as well as stone and stucco reliefs of the Seljuk period, adorning both secular and religious reliefs monuments. The subjects included nobility as well as servants, hunters and hunting animals, trees, birds, sphinxes, lions, sirens, dragons and double-headed eagles.

If you would like to enter the world of the paints on Tiles, OVERSEAS TOURISM arranges you the local artists in Galata district art Turkish Tile & Ceramics workshop. Usually lessons are 2 hours based and by the end of 2 hours, you will be able to finish one item like a tile, plate or a figure. (Depending on the design, lessons can be longer as well) In our studio, we provide all the materials for our students.

Please contact us to ask available time for reservation.
The workshop teacher speaks in English.

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Ebru: Turkish Paper Marbling Workshop

Tour Code: 305 Duration: 1,5 hour between 10:00 - 18:00
Minimum Participation: 1 Guidance: No
Departs: Except Sunday & Monday
Includes: Workshop & materials for Ebru; Paper Marbling

The art of marbling on paper, or ‘ebru’ in Turkish, is a traditional decorative form employing special methods. The word ‘ebru’ comes from the Persian word ‘ebr,’ meaning ‘cloud.’

Ebru is an art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a pan of oily water and then transforming this pattern to paper. The special tools of the trade are brushes of horsehair bound to straight rose twigs, a deep tray made of unknotted pinewood, natural earth pigments, cattle gall and tragacanth.

If you need a break from the bustle of tourist life in Istanbul, come take an art class with the remarkable Turkish Ebru artist.

Learn the secrets of creating the rich patterns of handmade marble paper Ebru.

Experience the Turkish Marbling Ebru and create an art design fabric marbling paper technique designs on paper.

Please contact us to ask available time for reservation.
The workshop teacher speaks in English.
The workshop place is in Galata District around the Galata Tower.

90 €

Enjoy A Wonderful Show With Dinner
Belly Dance & Turkish Dance Night

Tour Code: 313 Duration: 21:00-23:30
Minimum Participation: 1 Guidance: No
Departs: All year around
Includes: Transportation, Drinks, Fix Menu Dinner, Show

Belly Dance & Turkish Night in Restaurant !!!

We are going to pick up you from your hotel about 19:30 p.m. depends on your hotel location and drop off to your hotel at the end of the show about midnight.

In fine cuisine restaurant with an authentic athmosphere, dim lights and cheerful music, an unforgettable night.


Highlights of the Show

* Live Turkish Oriental Music Orchestra

* Belly Dancer Performance 1st

* Folklore Dances From Different Regions of Turkey

* Belly Dance Performance 2nd

* Folklore Dances From Different Regions of Turkey

* Ashuk & Mashuk Dance Show

* Harem Show (Theatrical Show of Harem Life)

* Belly Dance Performance 4th


Dinner Menu: Cold Starters, Hot Apetizers, Mediterranean Salad, Main Course ( Vegetarian Choice; Aubergine, Wraps or Spaghetti), Desserts (Turkish Cream Pudding with fruits)

Drinks: 35 cl Wine or 2 glasses of Local Alcohol Drinks or 2 Soft Drinks

90 €

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Show

Tour Code: 312 Duration: 21:00-00:30
Minimum Participation: 1 Guidance: No
Departs: All year around
Includes: Transportation, Unlimited Drinks, Open Buffet Dinner, Show

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise in Istanbul !

We are going to pick you up from hotel to the private boat between 19:00 – 20:00 You will be greeted and set on the board by the staff. The cruise will start by the Golden Horn which surrounds the Old City along the north side. After leaving behind the calm waters of Golden Horn, sailing through the legendary Bosphorus where a breathtaking picturesque view of Istanbul. Even for the one who has been already on a day cruise to Bosphorus, seeing Istanbul by the evening will be definitely an unforgottable experience.During this great cruise, you will enjoy the open buffet with salads, delicious hors d’oeuvres, grilled meatballs, chicken shish kebab, adana kebab and fruits.

Show programe starts with typical Turkish songs while you taste the delicious foods. A little while, once the lively timbres begin to catch you, the professional folklore team will present the most famous Anatolian Dances. Little before you find yourself going with the rhythm, a breathtaking performance of Belly Dance Show will enchants the night.


Highlights of the Show

Live Turkish Traditional and Modern Music

Magic Show

Turkish Gypsy Dance

Turkish Folk Dances

Belly Dance Performance

Dervish Performance


Open Buffet: Salads, Delicious hors d’oeuvres, Grilled Chicken, Adana Kebab, Fruits, Baklava


Drinks: Unlimited Local Vodka, Gin, Raki, Beer, Wine (imported drinks are available with an extra charge on the boat)

35 €

Rhythm Of The Dance Show

Tour Code: 301 Duration: 21:00 - 22:10
Minimum Participation: 1 Guidance: No
Departs: All year around
Includes: Soft Drink,Show

An immersive dance night in Hodjapasha Hamam!!!

Variety of charming folkloric dances of Anatolia, Balkan and Caucassian regions combined with exotic oriental dances with modern choreography in collages , including group or solo male and female belly dancers. Highly energic and moving, amazing costumes. 360 degree video projection effects are used during the show.


Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


Refreshment drinks served free at welcome.

35 €

Whirling Dervish Dance

Tour Code: 300 Duration: 19:00-20:00
Minimum Participation: 1 Guidance: No
Departs: All year around
Includes: Soft Drink,Show

Whirling Dervishes in Istanbul !

The Mevlevi Sema Ceremony is known worldwide for its whirling dances and dervishes, featuring a complex musical repertoire called “ayin” . The ceremony represents the mystical journey of man’s spritual ascent through mind and love to perfection. It is one of the most important richness and heritage of Turkish Culture as a tradition of 800 years old. This unique traditional ritual is proclaimed as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005.

Program starts with the classical turkish music concert performed by a traditional orchestra for 15 minutes. Then after The ceremony starts and lasts about 45 minutes under the amazing lighting and mystic atmosphere.




Refreshment drinks served free at welcome.


110 €

Luxury Turkish Bath

Tour Code: 307 Duration: 30-110min. (depends on courses)
Minimum Participation: 1 Guidance: No
Departs: Everyday

Secret of Beauty; Hamam Experience

After an exhausting day trip or a day, take a breath to relax in one of the well preserved Hamams of Ottoman Empire. Hurrem Sultan Hamam has been built by Mimar Sinan the famous Master Architect Sinan in 16th century.


While you have the best hamam service, feel the historical athmosphere of Ottoman 16th century.


There are four different services as 30, 45, 60, 80 and 110 minutes. You need to make appointment. Please ask for any questions.

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Turkish Cooking Lesson…

Tour Code: 304 Duration: 2hours
Minimum Participation: 1 Guidance: English assistant
Includes: Lesson's fee,English Assistant,Material Cost, amd Turkish Coffee

Turkish Cuisine: One of the Finest Cuisines in the World

During your travel in Turkey, you are going to taste different kind of Turkish Foods in restaurants.


We are sure you will love Turkish Cuisine which is one of the finest cuisine in the world. Would you like to taste and cook homemade Turkish Foods with us.


Firstly to be prepared the food cooking lesson, lets go to a Turkish Local Bazaar or Market for shopping what you would like to cook. The cooking lesson will be given by a Turkish Housewife and the lesson will be translated in English.

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Belly Dance Lesson

Tour Code: 311 Duration: 1hour-
Minimum Participation: 1 Guidance: No
Includes: Lesson's fee

Belly Dance Lesson !!!

Belly dance classes are an excellent method of exercise and one of the most beautiful dance arts in the world. We can offer you Turkish Classical & Gypsy Style belly dance lessons during your visit in istanbul.

Belly dance is a Western name for an Arabic style of dance developed in the Middle East. Some American devotees refer to it simply as “Middle Eastern Dance”. In the Arabic language it is known asraqs sharqi (eastern dance) or sometimes raqs baladi (“national” or “folk” dance) and in Turkish language its called as Oriantel Dance which means Eeastern Dance.


With our professional dance teachers you will be able to learn the basic or advanced techniques about belly dance and have a nice time. Group or private lessons and for more information about the costumes, pictures and prices, Please contact us.

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Golf in Istanbul

Tour Code: 305 Duration: 9:00-
Minimum Participation: 1 Guidance: No

Don’t you have time to go south to play Golf in Turkey

Istanbul, the heart of travel and crossroad of all visiters to Turkey. A city big as much as several european countries has an offer to you to relax during your travel.Kemer Country golf field which is just 30 minutes distance from city center is giving you chance to play golf in Istanbul.


Please contact us for your any request.

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